MR SUDZIE Wide Mouth Foam Cannon

MR SUDZIE Wide Mouth Foam Cannon

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The all-new MR SUDZIE Wide Mouth Foam Cannon features a giant easy to adjust head, an extra-large bottle mouth, and fully adjustable vertical and horizontal foam stream to shoot super thick shaving cream-like thick suds for the slickest and safest way to wash your pride and joy!

Large Mouth Features

  • Creates tons of super thick foam
  • Helps prevent scratching while washing your vehicle
  • Adjustable fan pattern allows for wide or narrow stream of foam
  • Adjustable head allows for vertical or horizontal spray fan
  • Proportion adjustment on top allows for more or less foam
  • Large mouth for easy/spill free filling
  • 36oz reservoir allows for dilution of your favorite car wash
  • Sturdy brass valve body will not corrode
  • Heavy duty construction will last for years
  • Large base helps prevent spilling or tipping
  • Clear bottle for easy sight of soap level
  • 800 PSI and 1.4 GPM (2.0 recommended)